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The F.U.N.K 2017 End Of Year Lists Part 2 - Hip Hop

Like metal, it's been a hell of a year for hip hop fans, perhaps one of the best in my 35 years of being a rap fan. In such a year, the usual caveats apply doubly - I will have forgot/missed a ton of stuff and if I forgot YOUR favourite rapper it's probably because I've not heard it - leave me a link in the comments please. A couple of thoughts btw.

Much as a distinction needs drawing 'tween music (which is always fine) and music CULTURE (which is frequently fucked) a distinction needs drawing between hip hop FANS and hip hop LISTENERS. 

As a hip hop fan, digging is an essential prerequisite and a constant activity. The internet has made this an endless task, and a riot of new music has come my way this year via bandcamp, twitter, facebook, and blogs like Suspect Packages. It is endless. It's been an amazing year,

As a hip hop listener you might go on Datpiff/HotNewHipHop every now and then and believe places like Pitchfork/Noisey etc when they tell you what couple of…

The F.U.N.K 2017 End Of Year Lists Part 1 - Metal

Metal, like hip hop, has had a fucking great 2017. Like hip hop its manifold joys can mainly be found away from the mainstream, certainly light-years distant from the kinds of boybands-with-guitars that seemingly dominate Kerrang-style metal culture. So most of my favourite metal from this year has come from slightly off the beaten track (so much great stuff coming out of Italy this year), much of it found via Bandcamp and those metal bloggers who are so ably covering the anti-scene at the moment. 

Needs saying actually - metal, like hip hop, is one area of music where blogging and word-of-mouth is all the guidance I need anymore - haven't been NEAR a metal mag this year and don't feel like I've missed anything. The bloggers care, and know their stuff so thanks to Angry Metal Guy and Cvlt Nation  and No Clean Singing and Heavy Blog Is Heavy  and The Sludgelord for keeping me vaguely in touch with the best metal in 2017, they've been invaluable. 

These are the metal/doom…


"the flame of doubt . . . " - 5 Things We Learned From Eurovision

1. The real winner was this song, which has haunted me like a recurring dream ever since. Poised, contained, suggestive, European. I have played it non-stop since Saturday night, I'm addicted. Blanche is only 17 and clearly had nerves on the night but what was wonderful is that she didn't panic, actually played on her nerves and used them to remain within herself and her abilities, didn't at any point disappear into the gusts of bombast others did. An utterly beautiful song that should have won. Anyone who voted, who didn't vote for this, should be fucking ashamed of themselves.

2. The actual winner, Salvador Sobral, was already clearly an unctuous twat judging by his performance of his dull sappy shit song. However he truly anointed himself as an utter wanksnap with the crown-of-turds that was his acceptance speech. I want to say that we live in a world of disposable music – fast food music without any content. And I think this could be a victory for music with peopl…


Here's how hip hop critique works these days. New 'product' gets rolled out on Datpiff or HotNewHipHop. If it's any good, or if it's by an artist who isn't regularly picking up tens of millions of youtube views or regularly instagrams/tweets images of his/her wealth, then it will be ignored by most, pick up some cursory ratings of about 7/10 by site-visitors and then disappear into obscurity. There will be five comments under it, usually bemoaning the fact it's being ignored. Meanwhile some twat called Kevin or called Lil or called Yung or called Nipsey or named after a brand will be picking up millions of listens/hits thanks to some shady sponsorship dealio or the fact that last week he happened to fart near a mic and Drake happened to smell it. The comments underneath  this dross will vacillate between about 90% 'STR8 FUEGO' and 10% 'WTF IS THIS TRASH'.

<a href="…