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What I've dug this year and what I said in DJ Magazine, The Quietus and right here on this blog. BTW - if you're going to comment with recommendations could someone point me towards drone THAT'S WORTH IT, and indie-pop stuff THAT'S WORTH IT (although of course, all recommendations welcome). Cheers m'dears. 

ALCHEMIST ISRAELI SALAD "Composed from loops culled from a welter of Israeli psyche, funk and pop records the man picked up on a recent month-long sojourn, a massively fun slice of frabjousness that will engross you til year's end and beyond. Love that sleeve too. Get it." 

ERYKAH BADUBUT YOU CAINT USE MY PHONE "Badu using the mixtape format for an oldschool purpose - doodles, messing around, experiments - but my God I hope some of these sketches make it to the next album. Heavy with analogue electronics and exploiting Badu's ability to be both robotic/perfect and cracked/hilarious this is the most Prince-like music she's ever made. Late br…