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Guess Who's Coming To Dinner? The White Rock Defence League And Some Thoughts About Kanye

We’re all racists. We’re not getting anywhere until we admit this. Oh this isn’t directed at you. You’re white, but you’re alright. I’m colour-blind see.   I sometimes think this country is becoming divided along very basic lines. Those who will survive, flourish, the big society, the broom-brandishers, those who will keep calm and carry on whether left or right, those who no matter what they say and who they fulminate against will never ever knowingly touch a nerve or threaten the Aspergers-like holistic coherence of their own smugness. And those of us who are a bit more scared, a bit more resigned and consequently more full of idiot hope, because we are those who will be shut out, left to die and silenced in the name of common sense. This is a piece built out of deletions. Arguments I had that I had to abandon and remove. I mean - I’m an old man and a stuck record and it gets tiring. You want, because your skull creaks with the sense of your own repetition, to move on, reach the pe…