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One look at this gormless cunt should tell you pretty much everything you need to know about his music, his message, his mithering mediocrity - though set up to be the opposite of pop's shallow show he's demonstrative of that fact that the way a band or artist LOOKS is massively important, massively revealing in ways the music doesn't have to be. You can hide in sound. The camera never lies and just look at the fucking state of this turnip-headed twat. A face that signifys his intrinsic dipshittitude even more than his horrific music or the lunkheaded quotes above. 
But Bugg's not really the focus here. The problem is that word 'soul'. Somewhere along the line musicians, esp. fkn white musicians, started thinking it was an acceptable word for them to steal, a word that could be applied to ALL music, no matter who the source or intent. That word needs taking back. 'Soul' is far less useful as a genre term than it is as a signifier of a very specific tim…


From but really, could be from anywhere right now. 

Jesu Christu Saints Preserve Us Don't ever ever ever call me 'passionate' about music. I'm as interested in being 'passionate' about music as I am about being 'credible'. Only people who at a fundamental level don't truly need music could summate their feelings about it as 'passionate'. I'm not 'passionate' about music because music is not something I come to from a life being led without it. Music is part of my life, part of me..., part of my make up and consequently I have as complex a relationship with it as I do with my body, heart and soul. Like those three things, music's too complex, too mutable to not be rejected now and then, hated, shut out, questioned, ignored, refused, resisted. 
'Passion' is the word the music marketeers use to grease their moves of exploitation, just as they have in football. They understand the fan's 'passionate'…