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"An overdub has no choice": R.I.P GERRY GOFFIN 1939-2014

“No matter what you write it always sounds good on the radio, so they sound fine. But not as fine as Chuck Berry. I think Chuck Berry wrote the best lyrics to describe what it was like in teenage America in those days. I think his was a more accurate picture than mine. I didn’t realize how good his lyrics were–because I didn’t listen to lyrics much, I just sort of enjoyed them–until I got a job and had to write them every day."
I didn't know
It could be done so easily.
Now I know

"I started writing songs when I was eight years old. I mean just lyrics, like some kind of game in my head. I’d think of them as songs. They’d have a kind of inane melody. Sometimes I would sing the melodies over chords, but they were pretty horrible. In fact, even after we made it, no one recorded them. When there was a completed melody and a whole structure and I’d write to that, those seemed to be better songs. Many of them were written simultaneously, one line at a time. When you’re writing some…



Proper label releases by Triptykon, Mastodon and Behemoth may well have been occupying the heavy part of your mind thus far in 2014 but there's so much great metal available on bandcamp & tape at the moment I had to tell you about these.

<a href="">Naught - Tómhyggjublús by Transylvanian Tapes</a> "Formed in early 2011 as a Stoner/Doom band in a shithole in Akureyri, but with increased irritability and distress Naught naturally crawled towards Sludge. Naught is driven by negativity."

Yeah. I'd agree. This is not happy music. And the unhappiness seems to extend beyond nihilism about life but nihilism about music as well. Naught seem intent on removing all flash from their sound. ALL flash. Old cliche in metal that in actual fact it's uplifting, creates you an identity, galvanises your pride and isolation. Naught do none of this. They're not larger than …


A few new mixes at my mixcloud page. Open 'em on mixcloud to peep the tracklistings.

Firstly in addition to the two New Nineties UK mixes, did a US version featuring tracks from Dub Narcotic Sound System, Come, Codeine, Shudder To Think, Rodan, Chavez, Low, Spain, Throwing Muses, Unwound, Swell, Acetone, JSBX, Helium, Thinkin Fellers Union Local 282, Tortoise, Jessamine, Labradford, Six Finger Satellite, Royal Trux and more. Enjoy.

A NEW NINETIES 1994 US EDITION by Neil Kulkarni on Mixcloud
And have also created 2 mixes for the year 1993. No separation tween UK & US tracks this time, dive in and dig and you might also enjoy the F.U.N.K Radio Cloudcasts as well as well as my 'Spare Hours' selections.

A NEW NINETIES - 1993 PART 1 by Neil Kulkarni on Mixcloud
A NEW NINETIES - 1993 PART 2 by Neil Kulkarni on Mixcloud