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AN A-Z OF MY FAVOURITE POP FROM 2013 - An end of year almanac from the F.U.N.K Singles Pages

A message from the editor: "Well, it's certainly been a year hasn't it, a year in which things have occured and sometimes other things have also occured. A year in which musicians have made music, and the fans have listened to it. A year in which certain things changed a bit, and others, didn't. In the party spirit, I thought I'd look back over the blog's singles pages and round up all my favourite moments from the last twelve-month of excitement, musical innovation and intrigue and share them with you. I'm sure I've left out some of the highlights, but here are the releases I think are emblematic of another great 52 weeks of pop and rock, and that surely point the way to even better things in 2014. Alot can happen in 365 days, but I'm sure the next 8760 hours in our lives will still surprise and startle and delight us as much as these records did in the last 525,600 minutes. And don't forget, via the F.U.N.K Singles Page, YOU can stay in touch…