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Single Of The Month 1
Marcus Intalex 
Hell To Pay
Found this on Cern's unmissable Renegade Hardware Podcast no. 12 btw.  A post-punk forebodedness. A confidence in its melodic ideas, its awareness that so much more is being suggested than what is actually heard, extra melodies made by the space, trebles you can't be sure actually exist anywhere but your imagination. Bass you simply can't fathom and your head looks down and your body can't stop moving and that's true production smarts. At this late stage we can only stomp as hard as we can to this until summer dies. Heavy as fuck.

Beady Eye 
Shine A Light 
Beady Eye Records aka Sony Entertainment
Weedy as wank. With a video like a low-budget cross between 'November Rain' and the inner sleeve of 'Beggars Banquet' (and with one genuine moment of gorillas-in-the-dry-ice hilarity when that Liam creature monkeys up to the camera in silhouette) but somehow even worse than that suggests ('sexy'…