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OK, what we have here is one of the greatest albums of the year that will doubtless be sidelined or plain forgot in those end-of-year-polls & Mercury nominations so let's get the facts out the way soon as and start dreaming. Telemachus is a 28 year old London-based hip-hop producer who used to be called Chemo and promoted legendary nights in Brixton called 'Speakers Corner', made the 'Character Assassins' series of one-take breathless mixtapes and has created beats for Kyza, Kashmere, Verb T, Triple Darkness and others. He listens to everything, ask him today and he might tell you that includes Roc Marciano, Cyrus Malachi, The Doors, Ghanaian High Life, David Bowie, Mobb Deep, Django Reinhardt, Barbra Streisand, Martin Hannet, DJ Krush. All in their way hints to the wonder within 'In The Evening' but what's really crucial is that Telemachus listens with a hip-hop head, has that essentially revolutionary impetus behind his hearing that only hip-hop …

Nick Drake - Bryter Layter Boxset Review

Nick Drake
Bryter Layter Boxset
(Commercial Marketing)

"I think that's one of the problems with Nick's legacy, if there is a problem. I get sent tapes just by people out there who have a guitar and want to write songs, and they are very touched by Nick Drake and they make a demo tape, and they send it to Nick Drake's producer and they say, "What do you think of this? I love Nick Drake, can't you hear it in my music?" And 99 percent of those tapes that I get – or electronic submissions these days – are breathy vocals, Aparicio guitars and form without essence. There's nothing in there of the wit or the subtlety of Nick, or the sophistication of his music. What drew me to Nick wasn't the subject matter, but the tremendous originality and freshness of the musical vision. And it's always been mysterious"   - Joe Boyd

There is an epidemic out there, a nasty rash. Even Simon Cowell's noticed. It would seem that the singer-songwriter is everyw…


That's Alright 

People I'd trusted had said good things about Laura Mvula and I'm gratified to find they were absolutely goddamn right. Fantastic rolling beats, sudden smears of indecently clean horns and that's pretty much it but soaring above it all is Mvula's voice, clear, powerful, fantastic lyrics. "I will never be what you want & that's alright/ Cos my skin ain't white/And that's alright/ Who are you?/ The center of the universe?". What an utterly fucking brilliant brave necessary thing for a pop song in 2013 to say. Imagining how massively inspirational this will be to the people who need it. Also thinking GOT to get hold of the album toot sweet. Count me in as obsessed from first contact. 

Jake Bugg 
Country Song 

Mindful to fill this review with enough lucrative keywords to keep my SEO optimizers happy (hi guys, check the caps!)  in the whiter than white corner we have this little QUALITY …