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PEACE - IN LOVE (Columbia)

"I. Man's perceptions are not bound by organs of perception; he perceives more than sense (tho' ever so acute) can discover" - William Blake, There Is No Natural Religion A) CAPSULE 

Well of course this review is late, album came out weeks ago. I can't earn a living out of writing about pop anymore though so I have to do my proper job first. It fucking angers me that this is the case. All apologies. Anyhoo here's an old dead guy called F.R Leavis. He once said . . .

'The common pursuit of true judgment' : that is how the  critic should see his business, and what it should be for him. His  perceptions and judgments are his, or they are nothing ; but,  whether or not he has consciously addressed himself to co- operative labour, they are inevitably collaborative. Collaboration may take the form of disagreement, and one is grateful to  the critic whom one has found worth disagreeing with” - F.R.Leavis, initially quoting T.S.Eliot, "The Common Pursuit&q…

An expensive hotel room surrounded by nobody. Margaret Thatcher 1925 -2013

Friend of Pinochet & Suharto, most forthright opponent of sanctions against Apartheid South Africa, jingoist, warmonger, Reagan's best buddy, hater of the poor, enabler of the greedy, ""Children who need to be taught to respect traditional moral values are being taught that they have an inalienable right to be gay", queen of privatisation, breaker of the miners, evergreen inspiration to today's Torys . . . . well we could all go on couldn't we. I see nothing to mourn, only a hateful bequeathment of selfishness, bigotry & cruelty to our national life. Fuck Thatcher. I'm totally glad she's dead.

Many of the fondest tributes this week read like ringing endorsements of a certain type of mental illness.A loon, a batshit loon, who antagonised everyone but the most craven sycophant, a bad leader, useless with people, now exulted by paramecium still dimly unaware of just exactly how out beyond NW1 she will be remembered only as symbol & enactor of…